About us

We, the Thonic team, firmly believe in the positive financial opportunity that crypto presents, and that, as in all industries, knowledge is king. Thonic has two main goals, the first is to provide token holders with high quality educational content to teach them how the digital market works. The second is to provide holders with financial grade reporting that will help them decide which coins to invest in and which to avoid. We believe that the best approach to safely investing in crypto is by following a scientific process that is data driven. We can’t eliminate all risk, but by thoroughly vetting projects, we can certainly help reduce it.

Our diverse team is committed to the success of Thonic and will accomplish this by always being transparent and authentic with our community. We have been hard at work for the better part of two years getting the platform off the ground. We have taken deliberate steps to ensure accountability and transparency with our Token holders:

  1. Track our progress by following along on our Road Map, linked here
  2. Meet the team below and feel free to connect with us via telegram to find out more about the project. We strive to be more than names on a website and are happy to interact with you.

Meet the team


Demetri M.

Demetri is an experienced entrepreneur who has launched several successful businesses and currently sits as a Partner and Managing Director for a digital agency. He is a seasoned professional who has developed and managed client projects in the US and international markets.

Demetri has worked in business development and the computer science industry for 15 years and has been involved with real estate and securities investment for fourteen years. Furthemore, he has been working with block chain change technology for 2 years and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


Dave J.

Dave is a self-driven and highly motivated marketing expert with over 10 years experience in business development, digital marketing, and email marketing campaigns. Dave has made a career of building companies. From concept to profit, building a company from the ground up has become a speciality of his.

One of Dave's most important skills is his ability to act as a bridge bringing different departments together, which he has leveraged to generate over 8 figures in profit. Having an idea is easy, but having the commitment and dedication to lay out goals and motivate team members to do their best are the qualities of a true leader. At Thonic, Dave not only heads up the marketing team, but acts as COO, to ensure the project stays on track.


Deyan I.

Deyan is an electrical engineer turned self-taught software, mobile, and web developer. His journey from electrical engineering to software engineering and app development showcases his remarkable ability to adapt and innovate across disciplines. He is a critical thinker with a technological skill set that helps bring to life the ideas and solutions of Thonic.

As part of the company leadership Deyan helps shape Thonic's strategic direction and inspires a culture of continuous learning and innovation among the team. From engineering to entrepreneurship Deyan exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a passion for creating meaningful technological advancements.


Olaf K.

Olaf is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology strategist with a proven track record of launching and scaling innovative digital ventures across Germany and the United States. With 25 years of experience in product ownership, digital strategy, and executive leadership roles, Olaf brings a wealth of knowledge to the fast-evolving cryptocurrency sector.

As a strategic advisor for a leading cryptocurrency startup, Olaf leverages his deep expertise in digital transformation, marketing, and branding to guide the company through the complexities of the blockchain ecosystem. His entrepreneurial journey includes founding and co-founding multiple technology and marketing companies, successfully navigating venture capital negotiations, and leading digital product development with a focus on creating impactful user experiences.

Olaf's tenure as CTO at various digital marketing and branding agencies showcases his ability to build and lead multidisciplinary teams, delivering projects that exceed $18 million in value and drive significant growth in saturated markets.

With an MBA specializing in Marketing & International Management and fluent in multiple languages, Olaf's global perspective and commitment to excellence are instrumental in advising startups on achieving their strategic objectives in the dynamic and competitive world of cryptocurrency.

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