About us

We, the Thonic team, firmly believe in the positive financial opportunity that crypto presents, and that, as in all industries, knowledge is king. Thonic has two main goals, the first is to provide token holders with high quality educational content to teach them how the digital market works. The second is to provide holders with financial grade reporting that will help them decide which coins to invest in and which to avoid. We believe that the best approach to safely investing in crypto is by following a scientific process that is driven by data. We can’t eliminate all risk, but by thoroughly vetting projects we can certainly help reduce it.

Our diverse team is committed to the success of Thonic and will accomplish this by always being transparent and authentic with our community. We are working through our milestones/map and you can track our progress here.

Meet the team

Olaf K

Digital Strategist

David J

Marketing Expert

Demetri M

Investor and Technologist

Deyan I

Technology Expert

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