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Why we have a token:

Thonic was born out of the recognition that alt coins offer a great investment opportunity but getting started in this world can feel very overwhelming. To help address this, we designed Thonic to be part educational tool (teach people the basics of alt coins) and part investment guide (to help people make educated crypto financial decisions). Too many people fall prey to rug pulls or other scams because there is no regulation in this industry and we would like to help mitigate this as much as we can. We believe in making educated decisions and that is fundamentally why we are here: to help find and vet alt coins so you can make well informed decisions.

If you are interested in alt coins and would like to start with learning more about this world before diving in, you can register to access our free courses. The reporting on the other hand can be accessed by holding $100 worth Thonic tokens. Another bonus to holding Thonic coins is you get to vote on which tokens we vet - an investment in us is an investment in your future after all!

Why we chose the blockchain

We strategically chose the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as the foundation for our token because it offers a premier experience for accessing researched reports on tokens, trends, and educational content. Building on BSC provides several key benefits:

Speed: BSC's high throughput ensures rapid transaction processing, significantly reducing wait times for users engaging with Thonic. This speed is crucial for a seamless experience, whether acquiring tokens or accessing our valuable resources.

Low Fees: One of BSC's most attractive features is its low transaction costs making it more affordable for users to hold our token and participate in our community. We are all about providing valuable information without financial barriers!

Growth Potential: BSC's widespread adoption and supportive ecosystem foster an environment ripe for growth. This block chain opens up avenues for collaboration, innovation, and expansion, directly benefiting our token holders through enhanced features and partnerships.

Security: The security measures implemented by BSC provide a robust foundation, ensuring the safety of our community's investments and data. This commitment to security is paramount, as it builds trust within our community, allowing members to focus on becoming informed investors without concern for their assets' safety.

By leveraging BSC's advantages in speed, affordability, growth potential, and security, Thonic.finance aims to empower its community with the knowledge and tools necessary for informed investment decisions, all while providing a user-friendly and secure platform.

Thonic is a utility token that employs two key strategies to ensure holding the token is profitable. The first strategy is BuyBack & Burn, which encourages price stability and increases the value of the token by reducing supply. Thonic has a total initial supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens. Following this, all profits generated from the platform and sale of the token will go directly to BB&B until a threshold of 95% of the token supply is burned.

The second strategy is earning passive income with 5% of each transaction being redistributed to token holders in stablecoins. Built on the Binance Smart Chain for its fast block speeds and low transaction costs, Thonic is designed to be held long term to benefit from both passive income and capital appreciation.

Contract Address


BUSD Reflections

Earn automatic Binance Pegged USD ($BUSD) rewards by simply holding Thonic tokens: 5% of every buy, transfer and sell transaction is redistributed automatically to $THONIC eligible holders

Liquidity Pool

Our Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy, transfer and sell transaction into a locked and certified liquidity pool

BuyBack & Burn

100% of profits from our platform and utilities will be used to BuyBack & Burn the Thonic token until a threshold of 95% is reached


Our Anti-Whale Mechanism is a series of policies that prevents holders from purchasing large amounts of tokens at low prices during our launch phase



Token Distribution

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